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The On Walkabout Colorado 14er Challenge

Something that many of us who enjoy hiking in Colorado do to challenge ourselves is to see how many of the state’s 14-thousand foot mountains we can climb.  Since moving back to Colorado in November 2011, I have concentrated mostly on completing local hikes in the Colorado Springs area in 2012 which are featured here on this site.  However, in 2013 my New Year’s Resolution was to make a big push to summit at least ten 14ers by the end of the year. I think like many people the biggest challenge I have is not really the mountains, but getting the time available away from work and family obligations to hike up these peaks.  My first year climbing 14ers I was able to exceed my goal and summit sixteen 14ers.  In 2014 I am setting my goal to be fourteen 14ers for 2014 which will put me at a grand total of thirty 14ers by the end of the year.  My first started by completing most of the easy 14ers and this year they are getting harder, but I love the challenge and the time in the mountains that climbing 14ers offers.

Panorama picture from the summit of 14,265 foot Quandary Peak.

Below is a list of the officially recognized 14ers and some un-ranked peaks from the website which is the authority on everything having to do with climbing the state’s highest mountains.  The link to each peak takes you to the page on the website that profiles that mountain.  Below the name of each mountain that I have reached the summit of I have put an additional link that will take you to the posting describing my climb up the mountain.

So far I have completed:

30 of 58

For those visiting this page I would love to hear how many 14ers you have climbed?  I would also love to hear which peak you have climbed that has been the most difficult for you so far?  Check back periodically to see my progress as I climb Colorado’s 14ers.

Rank Peak Elevation Range
 1 Mt. Elbert
(Complete July 2014)
14,433’ Sawatch
 2 Mt. Massive 14,421’ Sawatch
 3 Mt. Harvard
(Complete Aug. 2014)
14,420’ Sawatch
 4 Blanca Peak 14,345’ Sangre de Cristo
 5 La Plata Peak
(Complete July 2014)
14,336’ Sawatch
 6 Uncompahgre Peak
(Complete Aug. 2013)
14,309’ San Juan
 7 Crestone Peak 14,294’ Sangre de Cristo
 8 Mt. Lincoln
(Complete Sept. 2013)
14,286’ Mosquito
 9 Grays Peak

(Complete June 2013)
14,270’ Front
 10 Mt. Antero
(Complete August 2013)
14,269’ Sawatch
 11 Torreys Peak

(Complete June 2013)
14,267’ Front
 12 Castle Peak 14,265’ Elk
 13 Quandary Peak

(Complete May 2013)
14,265’ Tenmile
 14 Mt. Evans

(Complete June 2013)
14,264’ Front
 15 Longs Peak 14,255’ Front
 16 Mt. Wilson 14,246’ San Juan
  * Mt. Cameron
(Completed Sept. 2013)
14,238’ Mosquito
 17 Mt. Shavano
(Complete June 2014)
14,229’ Sawatch
 18 Mt. Belford
(Complete June 2014)
14,197’ Sawatch
 19 Crestone Needle 14,197’ Sangre de Cristo
 20 Mt. Princeton
(Compete Aug. 2014)
14,197’ Sawatch
 21 Mt. Yale
(Complete June 2014)
14,196’ Sawatch
 22 Mt. Bross
(Complete Sept. 2013)
14,172’ Mosquito
 23 Kit Carson Peak 14,165’ Sangre de Cristo
  * El Diente Peak 14,159’ San Juan
 24 Maroon Peak 14,156’ Elk
 25 Tabeguache Peak
(Complete June 2014)
14,155’ Sawatch
 26 Mt. Oxford
(Complete June 2014)
14,153’ Sawatch
 27 Mt. Sneffels 14,150’ San Juan
 28 Mt. Democrat
(Complete Sept. 2013)
14,148’ Mosquito
 29 Capitol Peak 14,130’ Elk
 30 Pikes Peak

(Complete Sep. 2012)
(Complete Aug. 2013)
(Complete July 2014)
14,115’ Front
 31 Snowmass Mountain 14,092’ Elk
 32 Mt. Eolus 14,083’ San Juan
 33 Windom Peak 14,082’ San Juan
 34 Challenger Point 14,081’ Sangre de Cristo
 35 Mt. Columbia
(Complete Aug. 2014)
14,073’ Sawatch
 36 Missouri Mountain
(Complete June 2014)
14,067’ Sawatch
 37 Humboldt Peak
(Complete Aug. 2014)
14,064’ Sangre de Cristo
 38 Mt. Bierstadt

(Complete Jan. 2013)
14,060’ Front
  * Conundrum Peak 14,060’ Elk
 39 Sunlight Peak 14,059’ San Juan
 40 Handies Peak
(Complete Aug. 2013)
14,048’ San Juan
 41 Culebra Peak
(Complete Aug. 2014)
14,047’ Sangre de Cristo
 42 Ellingwood Point
14,042’ Sangre de Cristo
 43 Mt. Lindsey 14,042’ Sangre de Cristo
  * North Eolus 14,039’ San Juan
 44 Little Bear Peak 14,037’ Sangre de Cristo
 45 Mt. Sherman

(Complete July 2013)
14,036’ Mosquito
 46 Redcloud Peak
(Complete Sept. 2013)
14,034’ San Juan
 47 Pyramid Peak 14,018’ Elk
 48 Wilson Peak 14,017’ San Juan
 49 Wetterhorn Peak 14,015’ San Juan
 50 San Luis Peak 14,014’ San Juan
  * North Maroon Peak 14,014’ Elk
 51 Mt. of the Holy Cross 14,005’ Sawatch
 52 Huron Peak
(Complete Nov. 2013)
14,003’ Sawatch
 53 Sunshine Peak
(Complete Aug. 2014)
14,001’ San Juan

*To be ranked, a peak must rise at least 300 feet above the saddle that connects it to the nearest 14er peak (if another exists nearby). This guideline has been in use in Colorado for some time.


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