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Colorado Springs Regional Trail Finder

Welcome to the Colorado Springs Trail Finder

Below is my ongoing list of hikes in the Colorado Springs region I have been completing.  My criteria for adding a hike to this list is that the trail can be reasonably easy to drive to, hike, and be back home all in one day from Colorado Springs.  Every hike on the Colorado Springs Trail Finder is doable in one day and each link has a map and description for the hike.  I have organized the hikes by difficulty level.  These hikes are listed on the custom Google Map that I built below.  The trails are listed by difficulty on the left side of the map.  Use the map to zoom in and see where the trail are located.  Below the map a chart with more details and links to trip reports can be found.  The trip reports include topographic maps for each trail.  I will add additional hikes to this list as I complete them.  If anyone has any hikes in the Colorado Springs region that they recommend I check out please leave a comment.  Thanks for visiting On-Walkabout.

colorado springs


Distance (miles)

Elevation Gain (feet)


Aiken Canyon Trail 4.0 650 Easy
Central Garden Trail 1.0 None Easy
Garden of the Gods Perimeter Trail 4.5 259 Easy
Hornbek Homestead Trail .5 None Easy
Inspiration Point Trail 2.0 358 Easy
Mt. Herman Trailhead to Monument Rock 2.6 141 Easy
Mt. Cutler Trail 2.5 738 Easy
Mt. Herman Trail 2.3 771 Easy
Outlook Ridge Trail 3.0 494 Easy
Overlook Trail 2 497 Easy
Paint Mines Interpretive Park Trail 3.3 243 Easy
Petrified Forest Loop Trail 1.0 None Easy
Red Rock Canyon Trail Looop 3.5 400 Easy
St. Peters Dome Trail 1.4 305 Easy
Seven Bridges Trail 3.8 677 Easy
Siamese Twins Trail 1.0 100 Easy
Silver Cascade Falls Trail .5 200 Easy
Spruce Mountain Trail 2.5 400 Easy
Templeton Trail 3.9 331 Easy
Ute Valley Park Trail 2.0 150 Easy
Vindicator Trail 2.0 100 Easy
Barr Camp via Barr Trail 13 3,343 Moderate
 Bison Peak via Ute Creek Trail  11.5  3,864 Moderate
Catmount Trail 7.3 1,539 Moderate
Cheesman Ranch Trail 8.5 525 Moderate
Columbine Trail 8.0 1,711 Moderate
 The Crags  5.5  947 feet Moderate
The Incline 3.3 1,857 Moderate
Lovell Gulch Trail 6 1,087 Moderate
Palmer Red Rock Trail Loop 5.5 1,200 Moderate
Pancake Rocks Trail 7.5 1,877 Moderate
Jones Park Trail Loop 10 2,024 Moderate
St. Marys Falls 6 1,511 Moderate
Stanley Canyon Trail 4 1,391 Moderate
Talon Trail-Cheyenne Mountain State Park 8.6 1,000 Moderate
Waldo Canyon Trail 6.2 1,145 Moderate
Almagre Mountain 17.5 3,428 Hard
Cameron Cone 7.8 4,235 Hard
Mt. Rosa Trail 14.5 4,337 Hard
Pikes Peak via Barr Trail 12.5 7,431 Hard
Pikes Peak via the Crags Trailhead 12 4,150 Hard
 Sentinel Point  9.2  3,373 Hard
Stanley to Monument Canyon Trail Loop 13 2,906 Hard

Here is a link to a custom Google Map I have been working on.

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