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Places on Oahu: The Hygienic Store

Basic Information

  • Name: Hygienic Store
  • Where: Kahaluu, Oahu
  • Established: 1907
  • More Information: Honolulu Magazine

Hygienic Store On Oahu


On Oahu’s Windward Coast one of the most noticeable convenience stores on the island can be seen.  There is nothing flashy about this location its name is what makes it stand out, the “Hygienic Store”.  I can remember the first time I saw this store I wondered if they sold hygienic products, but as it turns out the name has nothing to do with hygiene. Instead the store received its name because it was once the company store for the Hygienic Dairy that once covered the entire Ahuimanu Valley behind the store.

Image via old Hygienic Store via Honolulu Magazine.

Back then the Hygienic Store was a community staple selling groceries, meat, gas, and people could even pick up their mail there as well.  Eventually the dairy closed and nearby Kaneohe began to grow and open many competing grocery stores.  This all combined to force the Hygienic Store to transform into the small convenience store that it is today.

Hygienic Store On Oahu

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