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Places On Oahu: Da Kine Bail Bonds

Basic Information

  • Name: Da Kine Bail Bonds
  • Address: 1381 Queen Emma St., Honolulu, HI
  • Cost: Free to see by parking outside
  • More Information: Da Kine Bail Bonds website


For anyone that has watched the reality series, “Dog the Bounty Hunter” Honolulu is a location that is frequently featured in the series.

Duane “Dog” Chapman

The place that the lead character Duane “Dog” Chapman is the President and provides his bounty hunter services for is the Da Kine Bail Bonds located at 1381 Queen Emma St. in downtown Honolulu:

When I went to look for the location I honestly expected to see a nice building considering this is where such a well known reality show is based out of.  Instead the Da Kine Bail Bonds office is located in the corner of a rundown strip mall:

Da Kine Bail Bonds In Honolulu

Conveniently for anyone accused of a crime and needs to find God there is St. Peter’s Episcopal Church located right next to the bail bonds office:

Picture of Church In Honolulu

St. Peter’s congregation was founded by Christian Chinese immigrants in 1887 and met in a store at the site of the current church.  As the congregation grew the current church building was constructed in 1914 making it over 100 years old.


Overall there is honestly nothing to see here unless you are a big fan of the Dog the Bounty Hunter show or need to get bailed out of jail.  This is a nondescript section of downtown Honolulu however, for the curious it is easy to park on the side of the road like I did and take a photo of quite possibly Hawaii’s most famous reality television location.

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