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The Guam Trail Finder

Welcome to the Guam Trail Finder

Below is a listing of the trails I have hiked on Guam for easy reference for those interested in completing some of these hikes. If anyone wants to add their own trip report from a hike they completed on Guam please send it to me and I will add it here to my Guam Trail Finder page.  I will continue to add new hikes to this list as I complete them.  Please leave a comment if you have any questions and thanks for visiting On Walkabout.



Distance (miles)

Elevation Gain (feet)


Anao Trail 3.5 558 Moderate
Double Reef Beach Trail 4.5 366 Moderate
Fonte Dam Trail 1.6 400 Easy
Haputo Beach Trail 1.0 300 Easy
Mt. Jumullong Manglo Trail 2.0 704 Moderate
KAL Flight 801 Memorial Trail 5.5 413 Easy
Latte Trail  2.0 26 Easy
Libugon Radio Station Trail  1.8 397 Easy
Mt. Lamlam Trail 3.5 833 Moderate
Mt. Schroeder Trail 1.2 163 Hard
Mt. Tenjo, Alutom, & Chachao Loop Trail  5.7 832 Moderate
Pagat Caves Trail  2.0 481 Moderate
 Piti Guns Trail  .5 50 Easy
Sella Bay to Cetti Bay Trail 5.0 423 Moderate
Spanish Steps Trail 1.0 150 Easy
Taguan Trail  1.3 362 Moderate
Tarague Beach Trail  4.0 None Easy
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