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On Walkabout At: The Four Corners

Basic Information

Picture from Northeastern Arizona


After a spectacular drive along Highway 160 from Tuba City, Arizona my family and I reached the next destination on our Arizona trip itinerary which was the Four Corners.  This area would be nothing, but a piece of remote desert if it wasn’t for the geographical oddity of being the only place in the United States where four states intersect.  Taking full advantage of this oddity the Navajo Nation has turned the Four Corners into a tourist attraction.  So once we crossed into New Mexico we saw the exit for the Four Corners and decided this would be a good place to take a  break before continuing on to Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado:

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We were a bit surprised when we pulled up and found out that the Navajo Nation charges $3.00 per person to enter while kids 6 and under are free.  Both my kids were under 6 years old so between my wife and I we paid $6 to get in.  I wish the Navajo Nation would put some of that entrance money into making a real parking lot though because people just park out in a big rutted out dirt lot:

Picture from the Four Corners

From the parking lot we walked over to the actual Four Corners Monument and took a few family pictures:

Picture from Northeastern Arizona

Picture from Northeastern Arizona

After taking a few pictures we then went and checked out the various booths where Native-Americans were selling their various trinkets and jewelery to tourists:

Picture from Northeastern Arizona

Picture from Northeastern Arizona

After checking out the booths we then went and bought some lunch from a food truck parked in the parking lot that was selling Navajo tacos that were pretty good:

Picture from Northeastern Arizona

We also bought some extra Navajo fry bread which was quite good as well:

Picture from Northeastern Arizona

In total we probably spent about 45 minutes at the Four Corners because there really isn’t that much to see.  From there we drove back to Highway 160, drove north, entered Colorado, and drove across the San Juan River:

Picture from Northeastern Arizona

As we continued to head north on Highway 160 we also spotted the huge Shiprock looming in the distance outside of Farmington, New Mexico:

Picture from Northeastern Arizona

As we drove further into Colorado we saw another impressive rock formation, this time right next to the highway, Chimney Rock:

Picture from Mesa Verde National Park

We continued on Highway 160 through the Mountain Ute Indian Reservation and then through Cortez, Colorado before reaching the entrance to Mesa Verde National Park.


Overall there wasn’t that much to see at the Four Corners and may not be worth a stop for some people.  It is definitely a tourist trap so make sure you have low expectations if you do go.  However, we found the the Four Corners did make for a good break during our long drive from Tuba City, Arizona to Mesa Verde.  If you are looking for a break in your trip and do not mind spending a few dollars to do so then the Four Corners may be worth a stop.

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