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February 2013 Winter Photos of Pikes Peak

We have been having some wicked winter weather here in Colorado Springs the past week. So in between snow storms I decided to get out and takes some pictures of the now thick snowcap on Pikes Peak. This first picture I took of Pikes Peak is from the Eastern plains about 10 miles outside of the city:

Lonely Tree

I always find the views from the plains impressive because of how the mountains, especially Pikes Peak, just rise up so suddenly from the flatness of the prairie. This next picture I took from the side of Highway 94 with Pikes Peak backdropping the Corral Valley to the East of Colorado Springs:

Highway 94 and Pikes Peak

This final picture I took shows Pikes Peak backdropping the airfield over at Peterson Air Force Base on the Southeast side of the city:

Pikes Peak from Peterson AFB, CO

It is good to see Pikes Peak finally getting some significant snowfall this year. If I can get some time available and the weather cooperates I am actually thinking of doing a winter ascent up the mountain some time in the next two months using my snowshoes. It should be a good test of the snowshoeing skills I have been practicing this winter. Stay tuned!

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