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On Walkabout: Aerial Pictures of Hawaii

I often travel to Hawaii and on my last flight to the islands I was fortunate enough to have a window seat plus clear weather to take some fantastic shots of my favorite place on Earth:

If you look at the center of the above picture the island of Molokai is visible.  Just above Molokai is the small island of Lanai which is where Bill Gates rented out every hotel room on the island to ensure his privacy during his wedding on the island.  To the left of Molokai the volcanic mountains on Maui are visible.  Off in the distance on the far upper left of the photo the summits of the two shield volcanoes of Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea on the Big Island of Hawaii are visible.  It was truly an awesome experience to get such a clear view of the islands from this high up in altitude from a commercial airplane.  Even the pilot said over the intercom that this is one of the clearest views of the islands he has seen.

Then as the plane descended for its final destination on the northernmost island of Kauai, it flew right over the most populated island in Hawaii, Oahu:

It was great to have such a vantage point over Oahu where I could easily make out major landmarks such as Pearl Harbor:

I also had some great views of the Koolau Mountains and Oahu’s famed North Shore:

You can read much more about Oahu at my prior postings about this wonderful island.

After a short while the plane began to descend towards Kauai:

I have been to Kauai many times and the island was as green and beautiful as always:

Finally here is a picture as the plane I was on was being taxied at the Lihue Airport:

Over the next month I plan on publishing a number of postings about this beautiful island that I hope inspires others to travel to this gem of a location in the Pacific.

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