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On Walkabout At: The Flying-W-Ranch Steakhouse

Basic Information

  • Name: Flying-W-Ranch Steakhouse
  • Where: Colorado Springs, Colorado
  • Prices: Adults $25.00+, Kids $13.00
  • More Information: Flying-W-Ranch website


I had see a brochure about the Flying-W-Ranch a couple of months ago and thought it would be a fun place to take my wife and daughter to.  During the summer the entire ranch grounds are open and they have a number of shops, shows, and other activities for the whole family to enjoy.  During the winter time the ranch is only open on Saturdays and occasionally Fridays for dinner service at the ranch’s steakhouse.  To dine at the steakhouse you have to call or make a reservation on their website.  So I called and spoke to a really nice lady who took my credit card information to reserve our table.  So on the Saturday we had our reservations we drove to the steakhouse which is located a couple of miles to the north of the Garden of the Gods in northwest Colorado Springs.  It was kind of interesting to be driving to the ranch because the road goes through a very nice residential neighborhood which had us thinking is there really a ranch over here?  Then the residential neighborhood ends and the road exits into the ranch.  Into the below Google Maps image you can see how the ranch is nearly completely surrounded by residential communities now:

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As we drove into the ranch there was a gentleman dressed in cowboy attire that directed us where to park and from there we walked into the ranch:

The grounds of the ranch were quite nice and it looked like it would be a fun place to checkout during the summer time:

The grounds even had a church on it that is used for anyone who would like to use the ranch as a venue to get married at:

The ranch also had a number of Old West memorabilia on display as well such as these wagons:

Something I found interesting is that the Flying W Ranch is an actual working mountain cattle ranch that has been in operation since 1953.  In later years the entertainment and steakhouse were added to supplement the ranch’s income. During the winter and spring just the Steakhouse was open to visitors so we really didn’t have much of a chance to checkout the grounds of the ranch.  We definitely plan on visiting the ranch again during the summer and then we will get to fully experience the ranch.  From the grounds we walked over to where the steakhouse is located.  At the entrance we were met by a nice gentleman dressed as a cowboy who confirmed our reservation and took us to our table which was on the 2nd floor of the restaurant.  The inside of the restaurant we found to be elaborately decorated with various Old West artwork, memorabilia, and animal heads.

To start out with our waiter another gentleman also dressed as a cowboy brought out some appetizers for us:

The chips were just your typical store bought nacho chips but the cheesy pepper dipping sauce was outstanding.  We also had honey butter that was good for dipping the popcorn in as well.  I asked the waiter if the dipping sauces were homemade and said they were.  We then placed our order with myself ordering the 13 ounce Kansas City Strip Steak ($28.00) and my wife ordering the BBQ Chicken ($25.00).  Something different about this steakhouse is that the meat is not brought out to you.  They have a loud speaker that says your table number and then you have to walk outside to the BBQ area to pick up your meat.  It is kind of cool to be able to see how your meat is cooked outside on a charcoal BBQ grill.  After walking back with the meat to our table the waiter then brought out all the side dishes which consisted of baked potatoes, bread, and beans:

Both the chicken and the steak was outstanding.  The baked potatoes were just your standard baked potato, but the bread was delicious especially when eaten with the honey butter.  We ate the bread pretty quickly especially our toddler daughter who loved it and our waiter brought out some more for us.  I am also not a big eater of beans, but these beans tasted great and we ate the entire kettle of baked beans.  We ate so much of the appetizers and main course we were too full to order dessert which also looked quite good.  Maybe next time.

Sufficiently full we then sat back to watch the western musical show that follows dinner.  The Wranglers as the band is called was quite good and I think even people who do not listen to country music will enjoy the show.  The band does more than just play music they also mix some cowboy humor in with their performance with some of the lines being quite funny:


Dinner lasts about an hour and the music show lasts another hour, so it is a two hour experience at the steakhouse.  Our bill for the evening came to over $50 which is a bit pricey, but considering the quality of the food and the good time we had watching the western show we thought the dinner was worth every penny and want to visit the steakhouse again when some friends visit in the future.  In short if you don’t mind spending $50 for nice dinner then the Flying W Ranch is well worth checking out.

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