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What Australian Men Think

Do you have an Australian boyfriend and do you ever wonder what is on his mind?  Well wait no longer because the truth has come out:

THE majority of Australian men can’t get no satisfaction, but for many it may be due to their own shortcomings with half saying they would like a larger penis.

The modern Aussie bloke is a fickle beast with a survey showing that while many men appear to be embracing traditional values, they also harbour thoughts of infidelity and would dump their girlfriend if she put on too much weight.

The survey by online magazine found that 46 per cent of Australian males believe that being a good father or husband that takes care of his family is what makes a man “manly”.

They are a sensitive lot too with 94 per cent of the 1500 Australian men taking part in the global survey saying it’s okay for men to cry.

More than half (58 per cent) lamented a decline in moral standards in business and more than 70 per cent believe in the institution of marriage.

But while it appears there has been a re-emergence of traditional values, 69 per cent of men also fantasise about sleeping with their partner’s friends, and 44 per cent admit they would dump their girlfriend if she became fat.  [AAP]

Click the link to read the article, but I am curious to what the same survey would find with American men?

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