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Aerial Pictures of the American Southwest

Here are some pictures of the American Southwest from a flight I took to LA a few months ago.  Here is what the Franklin Mountains from my departure location in El Paso, Texas looks like from the air :

As the flight continued west towards my destination of Los Angeles, we crossed over the Rio Grande River which winds all the way down from its source in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado to the middle of this arid Chihuahuan desert:

This river supports a number of farms that are located near the river, however as soon as you get away from the river the terrain once again turns into sand:

However, even this wasteland of sand has some interesting sites to see such as the various volcanic cones way out in the desert that can be seen from the air:

This volcanic cones out in the desert can actually be seen from up on the Franklin Mountains as well so they are a pretty prominent feature out in the desert.  The airplane for the most part was following I-10 heading west and we passed right over the New Mexico desert city of Deming that is fuel stop along I-10:

As the airplane crossed into Arizona we flew right by the snow capped Pinaleno Mountains that I had drove by just a few weeks before on my way to El Paso from Las Vegas:

As the airplane continued to fly westward over Arizona the weather became increasingly more cloudy:

After crossing the rugged eastern Arizona mountains the plane flew over the relatively flat Sonora desert valley that is home to both Phoenix and Tuscon, Arizona:

Unfortunately as the plane flew further west it began to rain and became extremely cloudly all the way to Los Angeles, so I couldn’t take any more pictures.  As usual landing at LAX airport was like entering an airport in a third world nation.  The airport is old, dirty, and staffed with extremely unhelpful people.  After navigating through that madness of an airport I eventually found the gate to board my next flight.