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Beware of Dingos On Fraser Island

Despite the dingos this is one place I really want to visit some day up in Queensland:

ANOTHER child has been attacked by a dingo on Fraser Island, the second such attack within a week, with government officials opting to destroy the animals.

On Sunday a 10-year-old boy sustained scratches and bruises after being attacked by a young dingo.

A 16-year-old girl had her shorts ripped by a dingo but was otherwise unscathed on April 6.

The Courier-Mail reports that both dingoes were destroyed by officers from Department of Environment and Resource Management.

In a statement, DERM said a tagged, juvenile male dingo which attacked the 16-year-old schoolgirl on the beach outside Eurong township had a history of aggressive behaviour and had attacked a female tourist at the same location the next day.

The dog which attacked on Sunday also had a history of aggressive behaviour involving nine separate incidents. [Courier Mail]