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Crocodile Believed to Have Eaten Northern Territory Man

How stupid do you have to be to try and swim across the croc infested Daly river?:

PARK rangers searching for a man missing in a crocodile-infested Northern Territory river have orders to kill any large croc they see.

Thought to be the state’s second fatal croc attack in a month, a 20-year-old man disappeared while swimming across the Daly River, 150km south of Darwin, about 2am (AEST) yesterday.

The man’s partner was watching from the bank and later told police she saw a crocodile nearby.

Workers from the Territory Response Section, Marine and Fisheries Enforcement Unit and Parks and Wildlife are likely to search for the man through Friday night.

They have been told to kill any large croc they find. [AAP]

Unsurprisingly police believe alcohol was involved.  It is unfortunate that authorities have to kill crocodiles because of a drunk idiot like this.  

If anyone wants to see how big these crocodiles can get in the Northern Territory then make sure to check out my Northern Territory Holiday Journal which is filled with great croc pics such as this: