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Queensland Teenager Survives to Two Snake Bites

How many people in the world can say they have been bitten and survived snake bits from both a Taipan and a Eastern Brown Snake?  Well this teenager from Queensland can say he has:

A TEENAGER has survived two bites from one of the world’s deadliest snakes thanks to the quick thinking of friends who recently completed a first aid course.

It was the second time Ryan Cole, 15, of Mundubbera, about 390km northwest of Brisbane, has been bitten by a deadly snake in a year.

Ryan was bitten twice on the foot by a coastal taipan, which has the third most toxic venom of all land snakes, as he jumped into a popular swimming hole in the Burnett River on Sunday, The Courier-Mail reports.

“I’ve been attacked twice and bitten four times – that’s pretty unlucky,” the recuperating teenager said yesterday as he relived the ordeal with his friends.

“But then it is really lucky to have survived. I’m really grateful to my mates that they knew what to do and did it.”  [Courier-Mail]

This teenager has to be the world’s luckiest, unluckiest man.