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Tiger Snake Bites Fashion Queen

Another one of those only in Australia stories:

[Image taken by Greg Wallis]

ONE moment Megan McDonough was hot favourite to win an impromptu fashion contest at the Hamilton races in Victoria.

The next she was bitten by a venomous tiger snake and on her way to hospital.

Few things went to plan on Saturday at Hamilton.

Mid-way through the meeting, a couple of girls thought the day could do with a fashion parade.

A dozen women were plucked from the crowd of about 1800.

A group of footballers gathered to admire the contenders when one noticed a large tiger snake.

He leapt out of the way but Megan stood on the snake, which bit her on the foot then slithered down a drain pipe.

Megan’s wound was wrapped in a tourniquet before she was taken to hospital.

“She kept pretty calm throughout. The shock set in a bit when the ambulance arrived,” club secretary John Donnelly said.

He said Megan, who was recovering in hospital yesterday, was a legitimate winner of the fashions contest.

“She didn’t get it out of sympathy, no way. She looked lovely,” he said. [Herald-Sun]