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Sex Allegations Made Against Tania Zaetta During Her Trip to Afghanistan

Australian actress and Bollywood star Tania Zaetta is now in the center of a sex scandal involving her trip to Afghanistan to entertain Australian troops. If these allegations are true she was quite the entertainer:

SCREEN star Tania Zaetta has denied allegations she had sex with Australian special forces soldiers during a tour of Afghanistan.

Zaetta lashed out yesterday as it emerged the Defence Department was investigating allegations about her behaviour while entertaining Australian troops recently.

The department has been severely embarrassed after admitting it broke privacy rules by naming Zaetta in a briefing document to the Minister for Defence, Joel Fitzgibbon.

A document alleges veteran rocker Angry Anderson complained about her while they were entertaining troops at Tarin Kowt in Afghanistan in April.

Anderson yesterday denied making a complaint.

But the document says the secretary of the defence force’s entertainment division “was informed yesterday by Mr Anderson that he had been told by SF (special forces) troops whilst at Tarin Kowt that Ms Zaetta had sex with them and they had the photos and video to prove it”. [Herald-Sun]

First of all the heads should roll at the Defence Department for allowing documents of the investigation to be leaked because if these allegation are found to be unsubstantiated rumors than they have done massive damage to Tania Zaetta’s reputation and career. This damage is especially bad for Tania Zaetta because of her fame in Bollywood movies in India which does not like their stars to be the center of sex scandals.

So far everyone around the Afghanistan tour including Zaetta are denying the allegations. I find it hard to believe such a famous film star would allow herself to be filmed having sex with soldiers. It all sounds unbelievable to me and more like barracks rumors that some bored officers overheard and decided to investigate.