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Masked Protesters Protest Scientology in Adelaide

The protests against Scientology continue:

AROUND 200 masked protestors gathered outside the Adelaide headquarters of the Church of Scientology this afternoon.

The rally was part of an international campaign against the church – whose members include Hollywood stars Tom Cruise and John Travolta – and coincided with similar events interstate and overseas.

Gallery: Protesters don masks

An anonymous spokesman said the group did not consider Scientology a religion and that it should lose its tax free status.

Four members of a security firm stood outside the Scientology headquarters on Waymouth St during the protest and at one stage six police officers were on the scene. [Sunday Mail]

I think just like most people that Scientology is strange, but as far as I’m concerned Scientology is far from being a religion that should be condemned. Just ask yourself would these same people participate in a protest against Islamic extremists? They do look like they would be at home on a Sea Shepherd ship though.

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