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Americans are Better “Biggest Losers” than Australians

Here is one area Americans are better than Australians at, we have more motivated overweight people:

AUSTRALIANS pride themselves on having a laid-back attitude, but US trainer Bob Harper says the Aussies he deals with can be a little too relaxed when it comes to losing weight.

Harper stars on the US and Australian versions of The Biggest Loser, helping the television shows’ contestants shed their unwanted kilos.

And he says the Americans run rings around the Australians when it comes to getting motivated.

"One of the biggest differences between the two is the motivation that the Americans have. I think it’s unparalleled," Harper said.

"You get the Americans on the show and they will be in the gym all day long.

"The Australians need a little more of a push into there. They tend to be a little bit more laid-back." [AAP]

Here in Australia health and weight loss shows are very popular with the Biggest Loser probably being the most popular of all these shows.  I watch it every once in a while and it is a pretty interesting show and it keeps me motivated to stay in shape so I never look like some of the people on that show.  

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