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Sydney Penis Slasher Goes to Jail

This guy has some serious issues:

A MAN accused of stabbing and mutilating his ex-wife’s lover has been found guilty of the gruesome murder.

A jury took just over two hours to reject Gabor Ziha’s defence that he committed the heinous killing against Barry Corbett under the effect of a mental illness.

Corbett’s penis was cut off by Gabor Ziha in the attack.

Ziha was also convicted of the malicious wounding of his former wife, Marija Ziha, who was stabbed in the leg during the attack on August 1, 2006.

Marija Ziha, who now uses Corbett as her surname, left Ziha shortly after Christmas 2005, against his wishes.

She moved to a flat in the western Sydney centre of Parramatta and became the lover of Mr Corbett.  [Daily Telegraph]

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