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Friday Eco-fact: Australian Water Usage

Since the environment is a major issue here in Australia I thought it would be of interest to share with people some Australian environmental statistics every Friday from David Lindenmayer’s book: On Borrowed Time, Australia’s Environmental Crisis.  For those who have read this blog for a while know, I have little use for eco-loons, and far more respect for people like Lindenmayer that focus on real environmental issues that need solutions instead of being a doomsday preacher seeking maximum headlines that get all the attention in the media now a days. 

The book is excellent and provides a very sobering look at the massive environmental problems in Australia that need attention now.  One of the issues that Lindenmayer talks about is water usage. 

Australia is the world’s driest continent that accounts for 1% of the globe’s annual fresh water run-off:

Country      Run-off Percentage
Australia           1%
Oceania            4%
Antarctica         5%
Europe              7%
Africa               10%
N. America       17%
S. America        25%
Asia                  31%

Despite accounting for 1% of the world’s fresh water Australians are third in the world in per capita water usage, trailing only the United States and Canada which have the luxury of having huge fresh water reserves to draw from unlike Australia.  With an expanding population the pressure for more water will only grow.  With water being such a major issue in Australia I have always found it interesting how nonchalant the politicians here seem to be with trying to solve the water crisis.  Fortunately for them with all the recent heavy rain it appears this issue can continue to be delayed for a little while longer.