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The Corey Delaney Backlash Begins

It looks like the Melbourne party teen’s fifteen minutes of fame may be getting extended a little while longer:

THE Corey Delaney phenomenon is gathering momentum with the Melbourne party boy’s antics generating huge media attention across the world.

The media madness began early for the sudden anti-hero, who has been trailed by cameras from channels Seven, Nine, Ten, the ABC and Sky News since details of his wild party, in which he entertained more than 500 "friends" invited through MySpace, made world headlines earlier this week.

The 16-year-old is already the most viewed story on the BBC and CNN news websites, and internet entrepreneurs are also jumping on the Corey bandwagon.

Other developments in this story cannot be reported for legal reasons.  Corey is also known by his birth name, Corey Worthington.  []

If you can believe Channel 10 is trying to work out a deal with him to co-host Big Brother.  Does anyone even watch Big Brother anymore? 

Not everyone is pleased with the teenager’s antics though:

A website dedicated to the teenage party planner has appeared on the internet, with Corey’s now-infamous yellow sunglasses the site’s main focus. The website shows hacked photos of Hollywood stars wearing Corey’s shades.

Elsewhere, another website allows internet users to "slap some sense into Corey". []

This thing will eventually play out and I suspect by this time next year no one is even going to remember who Corey Delaney is.