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Corey Delaney Arrested & Banned from Wikipedia

Melbourne’s own male Paris Hilton has now finally been arrested over his party activities:

A YOUTH has been arrested over a party in Melbourne which turned into a mini-riot.

While the 16-year-old has eluded his parents, since they returned from a Gold Coast holiday yesterday to deal with the fallout from the party, he could not avoid police scrutiny.

The young man – who has turned into an international cult figure for organising the house party that attracted hundreds of partygoers – was question today by police at the Narre Warren police station in suburban Melbourne.

The teenager has apologised for the turmoil his party caused neighbours and police – including extensive damage to patrol cars from flying bottles – but has refused to accept responsibility for what happened after the party was brought to an end about midnight on Saturday by officers responding to noise complaints.

He has since made news around the world for organising the party, and has been fielding offers from party promoters interstate.

The teenager appeared in FM radio in Melbourne this morning – reportedly for a fee – but ran from the studio when announcers tried to remove his signature plastic yellow sunglasses.  [The Australian]

I bet the police had a blast taking his glasses off him today.  Wonder how long before his mug shots are leaked on the internet?  This guy I think brought this arrest on himself with his shameless self promotion and lack of accepting responsibility for what happened.  He was pretty much just daring the police to arrest them which they did. 

In other Corey Delaney news another battle erupted over his activities, this time on Wikipedia:

MELBOURNE teenager and infamous "party boy" Corey Delaney has managed to ruffle a new set of feathers without even lifting a finger.

A heated debate among the contributors of Wikipedia took place this morning over whether or not the 16-year-old wild child deserved his own entry on the website.

"He’s a d***head kid. We don’t write articles about every d***head kid, even the ones who have been on ACA (A Current Affair)," wrote one user, who voted that the entry be deleted.

Corey was today arrested after a party he threw while his parents were on holiday spun out of control and resulted in damage to cars and neighbouring houses.  []

I think this is a sign that his 15 minutes of fame is coming ever more closer. 

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