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The Aboriginal Didgeridoo

If you have never been to Australia you probably have no idea what a didgeridoo is; I know I didn’t until I moved down here.  However, once you visit Australia you cannot help but find out what a didgeridoo is because just about every tourist store in Australia sells didgeridoos to visitors at usually exorbant prices.  The didgeridoo is thought to be the oldest wind instrument in existence that is played by Australia’s abroginal population.  It definitely has a sound unlike any other musical instrument in the world and the sound can be down right annoying if it is being played by someone with no skills.  However, if someone with some didgeridoo skills is playing the instrument; it is really quite impressive. 

Here is a good example of how the didgeridoo sounds:

This guy is not to bad but I have seen much better didgeridoo players before like these guys you see around Circulary Quay in Sydney that are really impressive:

Or this guy in Sydney as well:

This didgeridoo player up in the Northern Territory is pretty good as well:

I have tried to play the didgeridoo and it is definitely something that takes a lot of practice, but I do enjoy listening to guys that can play it well. 

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