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Where to Go to Find A Bloke

Are you a woman and living in Australia and looking for somewhere to go to meet a good bloke?:

THE young women of Singleton in the NSW Hunter Valley should be spoilt for choice when it comes to hooking an eligible bachelor.

Demographer Bernard Salt has crunched the 2006 census figures through his "bachelor barometer" and found the town has the highest ratio of young single men to young single women in the country.

But according to Singleton singles Rachel Bitschkat, Tina Bates and Vanessa Ekin, it’s more a case of quantity rather than quality.

Singleton, population 21,700, is nestled in the heart of Hunter Valley wine country and boasts an army barracks and a couple of coalmines on the outskirts of town, hence the bountiful supply of young eligible men.

Mr Salt, a partner at KPMG accountants, says the town is a real "young-single-male stronghold". Singleton has a bachelor barometer value of 180, he says, "which means there are 180 never-married men per 100 never-married women aged 25 to 34 in the township. [Sarah Elks, The Australian]

If you don’t live in New South Wales here are some other possibilities for you:

And if Singleton’s not in your neck of the woods, Mr Salt recommends Queensland’s Ayr and Mackay, Wollongong in NSW and Western Australia’s Bunbury for a good old-fashioned man hunt.

I have to wonder if this news is the real reason why Heather has been hanging around the Hunter Valley? đŸ˜‰