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Victorian Premier Locked in Shed

One of my co-workers asked me today what I thought would happen if Governor Schwartzeneger had this happen to him:

VICTORIAN Premier John Brumby has been freed after being barricaded in a machinery yard in rural Victoria by farmers angry at the State Government’s water plans.

Mr Brumby, Rural and Regional Development Minister Jacinta Allan and a handful of advisers and media representatives were trapped inside the yard for 75 minutes by about 70 irrigators.

The angry locals were protesting about the Government’s move to pipe water from the Goulburn Murray region to regional cities and Melbourne.

The blockade happened just outside Colbinabbin, east of Bendigo, where Mr Brumby had gone for a media conference to turn the tap on a $98 million new water pipeline.

Police negotiated with the protesters, who had formed a ring of tractors around the yard. The blockade started just after 1.30pm (AEST). [Herald-Sun]

I think if this happened to the Governator things probably would not turn out as peacefully as this.