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Back Yard Peek and Lawnmowing Mishap

The rain this past winter and the subsequent recent sunshine has caused my backyard to look the best it has ever since I moved down here to Australia:

To put how good my yard looks now into perspective take a look at how bad it looked just a few months ago:

My yard was so dead about 6 months ago that I did not need to even bother cutting it any more.  Anything that managed to grow were quickly gobbled up by the cockatoos. 

Anyway, the weather was beautiful and I decided to spend the day working on my yard.  The recent sunshine this past week has caused my grass to grow as high and as thickly as it has ever been since I’ve lived down here.  I had the empty the bin on my lawnmower of grass clippings six times. I don’t mind though because my yard is really looking good. 

I did have a mishap though today while lawnmowing.  Near my mailbox is a small pipe with a nosel on it that is used to shut off the main water line to my house.  The grass around the pipe was so high I did not see the pipe and clipped it with my lawnmower.  Water shot out of it and hit me square in the face.  Fortunately none of my neighbors were out in their yards because they would of have died of laughter if they would have saw that happen.  I quickly cut the water supply to my house and called the plumber and fortunately one was working on a Sunday.  The plumber was at my house in under an hour and had it repaired in about 20 minutes. What could have been quite a disaster ended up being not that big of deal since the plumber fixed it so quickly. 

Here is a look at my garden in my front yard:

I have a few flowers blooming in the garden and around the house I have what I assume is a weed blooming, but it is actually quite beautiful:

Just another eventful day working in the yard. 

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