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On Walkabout In: Denmark, Western Australia

Traveling to Denmark

After checking out Albany we proceeded with out tour of southwest Australia by traveling to Denmark. No not the country of Denmark, but the city. The city of Denmark is located about a one hour drive to the west of Albany. The drive from Albany to Denmark is quite a nice one. The thick forests or karri trees and bushland are only interrupted by the various farms spread out along the way:


We got into Denmark at about 5PM and it’s was raining pretty heavily again. We needed to find a caravan park to get out of the rain and eat some dinner. We were able to find room at a caravan park located right at the mouth of the Denmark River and the beautiful sound that the river empties into. Our caravan spot perfectly overlooked the sound:


As soon as we got our campervan set up the rain stopped and the sun began to come out a little. That is when a beautiful rainbow stretched out across the sound:


Here is a view of the other end of the rainbow that fell behind the karri trees:


It was quite a beautiful site. We pulled out our lawn chairs and barbequed our dinner outside and watched the rainbow and the birds fly across the sound. Absolutely a perfect dinner.

The next morning I went for a walk with my wife along a trail that skirted the sound. In the morning the sound with filled with ducks and birds and the walk was really quite pleasant. We stood for a while and watched a seagull standing on a floating log poke his head in and out of the water trying to catch I think either bugs or small minnows for breakfast. It didn’t seem like he was having much luck though, but I really liked how this photograph came out:


Later we followed the trail along the river into town. The Denmark River is not very large but is deep enough for tour boats to operate up and down the river. The boats take people from the city on tours into the sound. It is a quite pleasant river with clean, slow moving water lined with karri trees:


The actual downtown area of Denmark is also quite nice and does have a charm to it. The city is mostly older renovated buildings turned into shops, restaurants, and cafes. The restoration of the town is really well done. Many of the shops are of the new age variety which has drawn a number of shall we say hippie types to the city, but they are definitely no where near the majority of people who inhabit the city:

We spent a whole day walking around the city, doing some shopping, and eating lunch before wandering back down the trail to the caravan park. We had to battle off and on rain again all day, but all in all we had a great day out. I would say Denmark is definitely worth at least spending a day checking out if you are in southwestern Australia.

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