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Places In Saipan: Ladder Beach

Basic Information

  • Name: Ladder Beach
  • Location: Saipan, USA
  • Cost: Free
  • More Information: Saipan Pictures

Picture from Ladder Beach, Saipan


On the last day of my trip to Saipan I had some time to burn in the morning before my flight departed.  After checking out of the Kanoa Resort I then drove over to Ladder Beach on the south side of the island near the airport:

I planned to spend some time checking out this beach before heading over to the airport to catch my flight.  The beach is actually quite scenic being located below a high cliff line with the nearby island of Tinian visible across the water:

Picture from Ladder Beach, Saipan

The beach received its name because before the installation of the current staircase there was a ladder installed to access the beach.  The day I visited the beach there was actually quite a few cars and people there.  The waves were pretty rough that day which explains why despite all the people visiting the beach no one was in the water.  Here is a panorama view of Ladder Beach from up on the cliff line:

Picture from Ladder Beach, Saipan

After taking in the views from the cliff I then walked down to the beach and took this panorama looking out towards the ocean:

Picture from Ladder Beach, Saipan

The weather was absolutely perfect to be hanging out on a beach which made me a little sad to have to catch an airplane that day.  On the backside of the beach I took this next panorama that shows the various caves that can be seen in the cliffs:

Picture from Ladder Beach, Saipan


I walked around and checked out the caves for a short time before walking back up the stairs.  As I as was walking up the stairs a large group of people were heading down to add to the number of people already at the beach. Despite the number of people visiting this beach I wish I could have stayed longer.  Regardless I had a nice visit to Ladder Beach and enjoyed the views.  It was a great way to end my trip to beautiful Saipan.

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