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Places in Saipan: The Bird Island Lookout

Basic Information

  • Name: The Bird Island Lookout
  • Location: Saipan, USA
  • Cost: Free
  • More Information:

Picture from the Bird Island Lookout


After stopping to visit “The Grotto“, I next made my final stop during my visit to northern Saipan which was at the Bird Island Lookout.  The lookout is located just a short drive passed the turn off to the Grotto on Route 30 also known as Middle Road:

You can read more about my visit to the Grotto at the below link:

Unlike the Grotto the parking at the Bird Island Lookout is not as large and thus was packed with cars.  I was able to find a parking spot at the very end of the small lot.  Something I noticed from the parking lot was that Middle Road turns into a four wheel drive dirt road at the Bird Island Lookout:

Hills in Northern Saipan

I was driving a compact rental car so there was no chance of me taking that car down the dirt road so I knew this would be my last stop of the day in northern Saipan.  The below sign shows how Bird Island is part of a protected sanctuary on Saipan that also includes the Grotto:

Picture from the Bird Island Lookout

This marine protection area outlaws all fishing in the area to protect the reefs and fish in the area for future generations to enjoy.  From the parking lot I walked down towards the lookout where I had my first views of Bird Island:

Picture from the Bird Island Lookout

Here is the view of Bird Island from the lookout:

Picture from the Bird Island Lookout

Ironically for being called Bird Island I did not see one bird during my visit to the lookout.  Here is a wider angle view of the scenery around Bird Island:

Picture from the Bird Island Lookout


Overall in my opinion the view was not that impressive compared to other areas on the island such as the nearby summit of Mt. Marpi.  However, a visit to the Bird Island Lookout is an easy one and visitors might as well stop here to take a picture if visiting northern Saipan.  Unlike my visit hopefully others will see some birds during their visit.

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