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Places on Guam: The Talaifak Bridge

Basic Information



I have driven on Highway 2 through the village of Agat many times on various trips around Guam.  Each time I drove through Agat I would notice the sign for the Talaifak Bridge and tell myself I should stop and check it out.  I eventually did stop one day where I found a signboard that explained the history of the bridge:


The Talaifak Bridge was part of the road that linked Agat with the Spanish territorial capital of Umatac to the south. The bridge was originally constructed out of wood in 1785.  In the mid-1800’s the bridge was damaged and rebuilt with stone:

Picture from the Talaifak Bridge

The 36 foot long and 12 foot wide bridge was well built considering it is still standing to this day which included some restoration work by the Guam Preservation Trust:


As I walked across and around the bridge I could not help but be impressed by the hand cut stonework that held this bridge together:


Here is a view of the Talaifak River that flows under the bridge and into the Philippine Sea:



The Talaifak Bridge is not as impressive as the Spanish Bridge located at Sella Bay, but is much more easier to access considering it is right next to Highway 2.  If traveling down Highway 2 it is worth stopping and spending a few minutes to see this small piece of Guam’s Spanish past.

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