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On Walkabout At: The Toyota Auto Salon In Tokyo

Basic Information

  • What: The Toyota Auto Salon
  • Where: Tokyo, Japan
  • More Information: Toyota website


Toyota is one of the flagship Japanese companies so it only makes since that in Japan’s greatest city of Tokyo that the company would have its own corporate showroom that displays everything you ever wanted to know about Toyota.  This showroom is called the Toyota Auto Salon and it comprises five floors in the AMLUX building in Tokyo’s Toshima District:

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AMLUX is a word derived from “automobile” and “luxe” which in short means elegant automobiles.  This building has been housing the Toyota Auto Salon for the past 20 years:

There building is quite impressive and absolutely filled with automobiles and other displays from Toyota:

Here are some of the smaller on display that are popular in Japan:

Here is a couple of sporty cars on display:

They also had displays highlighting the various safety features in their automobiles:

There was also some Toyota race cars on display:

People could also try out the race car simulators they had on display as well which was the most popular display at the Toyota Auto Salon:


For people that are fans of automobiles this building is definitely worth checking out, but for those on a tight schedule in Japan I would not say that this is a must see.  The service at the Toyota Auto Salon with great and the place is English friendly with many signs in English and pamphlets in English available as well.  So if you got the time check it out, but if not do not feel like you missed a must see destination in Tokyo.