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Winter Time at Helen Hunt Falls In Colorado

The city of Colorado Springs is surrounded by a number of hiking trails and one of the more popular trails to visit is Helen Hunt Falls located in North Cheyenne Canon Park just to the west of the city:

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These falls are named after Helen Hunt Jackson who was a famed writer and activist for Native-Americans back in the 1800’s:

Helen Hunt Jackson

Recently this winter I stopped by a couple of times to take some photos of Helen Hunt Falls.  Here is how these falls look when iced over during the winter:

Here is how the falls looked a few days later when I visited and they had been covered over by a recent snow fall:

I walked up to the bridge and took some photos of North Cheyenne Canon from there.  From the bridge the creek that flows over the rock escarpment creating the waterfall was totally frozen over and covered in snow:

Under all that snow though I could still hear the water from the creek flowing over the falls.   This next picture is of the parking area where you can see my truck is the only vehicle in the lot:

It was very cold out this day and the road up the canyon was quite icy so I saw hardly any vehicle traffic the day I visited.  Here is a view looking further down to the mouth of the canyon where Mt. Cutler is located:

Just on the other side of Mt. Cutler is where Colorado Springs is located.  It is really awesome how close the wilderness is to the city.  There is a trail up Mt. Cutler that I plan on hiking in the spring time once the snow melts a bit on the mountain and makes it safe for hiking.   From the bridge over Helen Hunt Falls there is a trail that lead to Silver Cascade Falls.  I walked up the trails a little ways and it was covered in snow and very icy:

As I went up the trail I noticed one area of the creek that had not been completely covered by the snow:

There was also a number of areas where I could look through the thick tree cover to admire the various mountains that surround this canyon:

Eventually the trail became too icy after nearly falling a couple of times and I decided to head back down.  I figure like with Mt. Cutler I will visit here in the spring time when the snow has melted and it is safer to hike.  However, it was nice to see how these falls look during the winter time and I look forward to returning here again in the spring to take some pictures when the falls are freely flowing and surrounded by green foliage.

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