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On Walkabout: Back to Victoria From Tasmania

Prior Posting: Launceston’s Cataract Gorge


After finishing up our circuit walk around Launceston’s Cataract Gorge my wife and I then drove to the airport to fly back home to Victoria thus ending our nearly two week holiday around the Australian island of Tasmania.  The Launceston Airport is small, but has plenty of flights to and from Melbourne, plus we found the customer service at the airport to be top notch compared to the poor treatment we have experienced at other Australian airports with Sydney being by far the worst. Our plane took off on time and once in the air we had a nice clear day to appreciate the vast farming lands around Launceston from the air:

Tasmanian Farm Land from the Air

Here was the highway that we took to get to the airport from Launceston:

Tasmanian Highway from the Air

Soon we were flying directly over Launceston where we had a bird’s eye view of the Cataract Gorge we had hiked around just a few hours before.  From the air we were better able to appreciate what an island of wilderness the gorge is in the middle of this city of over 100,000 people:

Launceston from the Air

The flight back to Melbourne followed the Tamar River north that we had tour along just the day prior:

Tamar River from the Air

We could even make out the Batman Bridge that we used to drive across the river during our tour:

Batman Bridge from the Air

Soon we reached the mouth of the Tamar River and we could make out Greens Beach where we had also stopped the day prior:

Mouth of the Tamar River from the Air

It was kind of cool to see all these place we had visited from an aerial perspective.  Since we were now flying over the ocean before long we would no longer see Tasmania, so I took one last picture of Tasmania:

Tasmanian Interior from the Air

The flight to Melbourne takes about an hour so after flying over the ocean for about 30 minutes I spotted Phillip Island as we flew over the southern coast of Victoria:

Phillip Island from the Air

Soon enough we were flying over the eastern suburbs of Melbourne:

Victoria Coastline from the Air

Before long I spotted downtown Melbourne as our plane descended to the airport:

Melbourne from the Air

Soon enough we were on the ground in Melbourne and heading home thus ending our holiday.  My wife and I both had an absolute great time visiting Tasmania and both agreed that we had just as much of a good time visiting Tassie as we did touring around New Zealand.  However, our tour around Tasmania cost about half as much as our holiday in New Zealand.  So both areas are well worth checking out just that Tasmania is cheaper on the pocketbook if traveling from Australia like we were.  We expected a lot out of New Zealand and it delivered, but Tasmania we didn’t know much about and ended up being blown away with the island’s beauty.

Below is the around the island tour course we took over our nearly two week vacation around the island:

As can be seen by the map we covered a great part of the island, but truthfully we just scratched the surface of what Tasmania has to offer.  Tasmania may not be well known to American tourists, but I definitely recommend adding this wonderful island to any tour of Australia and hopefully if you do you have as good a time as we did.


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