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October 2009 Snow Storm Hits El Paso, Texas

Here is a picture of North Franklin Mountain after a snow storm hit El Paso, Texas this past Wednesday night:

Here is a closer look at the snow on the mountain:

I actually took these pictures a couple days after the big cold front hit the El Paso area.  Snow actually fell at our house, but didn’t stick, but the morning after the storm the Franklin Mountains was completely covered in snow.  I just forgot to bring my camera with me when driving to work to take pictures of the snow.  I remembered the following morning though and took these pictures as the sun rose early in the morning.  There is still a little bit of snow left on the mountains today.  Here is another picture of the snow on the mountains from the local NBC affiliate:

Talking to long time El Paso residents at work, they said they couldn’t remember the last time it had ever snowed in October in El Paso.  El Paso isn’t the only place experiencing global cooling as Sydney, Australia recently recorded its coldest October in 17 years.

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