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Melbourne Train Surfer Bashed for Stupid Stunt

Looks like we have another candidate for a Darwin Award:

His actions have been slammed by Victoria’s state premier who said he could not imagine a more stupid, idiotic or dangerous thing to do.

A teenager has claimed he was the person seen hitching a ride at Camberwell station, Melbourne, on Friday night and said he had carried out the stunt before.

The 19-year-old, who spoke to radio station Nova 100, said he had been kicked out of home after his mother saw a photograph of him on the front page of the Herald Sun newspaper.

The teen, who spoke through a voice distorter because he did not want to be identified, said she was “spewing” when she saw the picture and told him to pack his bags and “get out”.

The man said he rode on the rear of the train for several stops on the Belgrave-Lilydale line before getting off at Surrey Hills station.

He said he had ridden on the back of trains before and nothing would stop him from doing it again.

Railway operator Connex, the police and the public have expressed anger that such behaviour is becoming more common. The firm gets about nine reports a month, a sharp rise from three just a year ago.  [Sky News]

If you are wondering this is not the first time train surfing has happened in Melbourne, but fortunately this time this teenager wasn’t killed while doing it.