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Melbourne Suburb Happiest Place In Austraia

At least according to this survey:

A NATIONAL health survey has unearthed a pocket of happiness in Melbourne’s outer east.

Kilsyth, the working-class home of the well-treed quarter-acre block, is officially Australia’s happiest suburb.

Almost 50,000 Australians have taken The Test, an exhaustive questionnaire that gauges an individual’s health and happiness.

The online poll covers topics such as daily hugs and family dinners, as well as probing respondents on their diet and exercise.

Since the survey’s launch in the Sunday Herald Sun last week, Kilsyth has emerged as Australia’s happiest postcode.

And the suburb’s loyal mayor, Len Cox, is not surprised.

“Everyone I know in Kilsyth seems pretty content with life,” the Yarra Ranges mayor said.

“It’s a lovely place – a real working families’ suburb.”  [Herald-Sun]

Actually I can vouch that the various communities along the Dandenong Ranges to the east of Melbourne are beautiful places to live.

Here are some more facts that came out of the survey:

The survey also shows residents of the Australian Capital Territory laugh the most – and enjoyed the most regular sexual activity.

South Australians enjoy less laughter and sexual activity than residents of other states.

Women prove marginally happier than men in the survey, while those over 50 are much happier than people under the half-century mark.