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Convicted Hells Angel Member Tortured with Blow Torch

This was a big story in Melbourne when this guy shot two people, killing one of them in Melbourne.  It looks like what this guy did was even unacceptable to the Hells Angels:

THE killer behind Melbourne’s horrific CBD shooting was tortured by Hells Angels bikies before he surrendered to justice, it can finally be revealed.

Christopher Wayne Hudson, on the run from police after a drug-fuelled rampage, was chained up while he was punished.

Senior members used a blowtorch to remove a Hells Angels tattoo from his arm, the Herald Sun reports.

Speaking for the first time, a Hells Angels insider said the ritual torture was punishment for bringing shame on the club.

Hudson surrendered to police with a heavily bandaged arm after two days on the run.

“Look at the bandage, it goes right up to the elbow … it’s a burns bandage,” the insider said.

Hudson is serving 35 years for killing lawyer Brendan Keilar and shooting Dutch backpacker Paul de Waard in June, 2007. [Herald Sun]

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