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Australian Police Praised in Malaysia

Australia’s police is receiving props in the Malaysian media for their approach to dealing with hoons:

IT IS a good move by the Government to get the cops and JPJ to seize all illegal racers’ vehicles and non-roadworthy cars. This will, no doubt, minimise crime.

However, I was quite upset to read that JPJ will seize non-roadworthy vehicles (with illegal mods) for 48 hours for inspection. Why does the JPJ need to carry out such an inspection and then return it to the owner within 10 days? It will actually pose more doubts as to what can happen in that 48 hours.

Some officers will mess around with the car and, there is the possibility of items in the car going missing and the owners can’t even lodge a complaint. Even if the owner does, nothing will be done, for sure.

Why can’t JPJ study methods used in other countries. For example, in Australia, the police will be able to identify illegal mods on the spot and will paste a sticker on the windscreen stating that the car is not roadworthy.

That sticker can’t be removed easily and the owner needs to undo the illegal mods within a timeframe and bring it back for further inspection.

Once it has passed inspection, the sticker will be removed by the officers. It is a system worth considering in Malaysia.  [The Star Online]

I have seen the police in Korea do something similar to this as well.  Instead of handing out parking tickets they put these huge stickers on your windshield that are an absolute pain to try and get off.