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Labor Party’s Poll Numbers Drop

The Labor Party that won a sweeping election victory in 2007 similar to the US Democrats election win in 2008 are now beginning to drop in the polls as the government is beginning to feel the effects of voter uneasiness due to the economic crisis:

Concern about the Rudd government’s “spend, spend, spend” approach appears to be impacting on Labor’s standing with voters, the coalition says.

Support for the government has fallen by five percentage points, from 47 per cent to 42 per cent, below its 2007 election primary vote of 43.3 per cent, the latest Newspoll shows.

The coalition’s primary vote rose by one point to 38 per cent, while the Greens gained two points to 11 per cent, well above their 2007 election result of 7.8 per cent.

Labor’s two-party preferred vote fell by three percentage points in the latest Newspoll, to 55 per cent, compared to the coalition’s 45 per cent.

Opposition frontbencher Andrew Robb says he has detected an increasing and deep concern in the electorate about the government’s unsustainable debt.

“A lot of people are just bemused by the spend, spend, spend approach – money being thrown at everything,” he told ABC Radio.  [Nine News]

I think what politicians in the US could take from this is that if the Democrats who control all levers of power in the US do not show economic improvements they to will probably eventually begin to feel the heat in the polls like the Labor Party is beginning to feel now due to all the spending.