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Adelaide Man Sets DUI Record

It is hard to believe this guy was alive much less driving after having this high of a blood alcohol level:

A DRIVER was arrested this morning after recording a 0.42 blood alcohol level – South Australia’s highest drink-drive reading.
The 58-year-old man was driving in Adelaides’ Christies Beach at 9am this morning when he was pulled over by police alarmed at his erratic driving.

When the officers administered a breath test, the man blew 0.42. He then refused a second breath test, and was arrested for drink-driving, driving while unlicensed and failing to comply with a police instruction, AdelaideNow reports. 

He was taken to hospital for observation due to his extreme blood alcohol level.

He has since been returned to the cells at Christies Beach Police Station, and has been formally refused bail. He will appear in court next week.

Medical authorities say a blood alcohol level over 0.3 can result in unconsciousness, and 0.4 would be fatal to many people.  [The Advertiser]

Sadly I am willing to bet this guy will probably take this dubious distinction as some kind of honor. 

You can read more here.