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Prime Minister Rudd Warns of Political S*** Storm

Make of this what you will:

JUST when our church-going, workaholic Prime Minister could not appear any more robotic, he accidentally slips out a four-letter word.

But was it a genuine slip of the tongue or a calculated effort to appear like the rest of us?

Defending his Government’s decision to spend $42 billion to save the nation’s faltering economy, Mr Rudd warned punters to expect a “political s—storm” during a pre-recorded interview of Channel 7’s Sunday Night program that aired last night.

The PM quickly fixed his language malfunction, which echoed through prime-time airwaves.

“People are going to run a huge scare campaign about government debt and government borrowing . . . people have to understand that because there’s going to be the usual political s—storm, sorry, political storm over that.”

The grab caused a gasp from Bath, while Munro cried, “Prime Minister”. []

Not everyone is buying this as a slip of the tongue though:

Melbourne’s Liberal Lord Mayor Robert Doyle told Sky News this morning that the colourful language was no accident.  “I don’t think he dropped it, I think it was a carefully scripted attempt to make himself appear human … one of the lads,” he said.

Here is video of the interview, judge for yourself if this was intentional of slip of the tongue:

So what do you think?

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