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Queensland Swamped with Record Rains

While Victoria burns, Queensland floods:

TWO-thirds of Queensland has been disaster-declared with a virtual inland sea covering a million square kilometres – the size of South Australia.

Seven people are dead, most washed away in raging torrents, hundreds are homeless and thousands have lost all of their possessions in the biggest flooding event in three decades.  [Courier Mail]

The Queensland floods are not getting much media attention because of the deadly bushfires in Victoria but as these pictures show, these floods have had a wide impact in Queensland:

February 11: Ernie Camp shuts the gate to deter crocodiles at Floraville, his station near Burketown. Picture: Calvin Tucker

February 10: Burdekin Falls Dam in north Queensland is spilling the equivalent of its capacity each day. Picture: Glenn Pfluger.

February 9 …Davidson Street, Ingham. Picture: The Bisson family

You can view a whole lot more pictures of the floods here.

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