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Government’s Bonus Checks Stimulates Gambling, Booze, and Sex Industries in Australia

I’m not shocked in the least by this news:

VICTORIANS have set a new gambling record and the Federal Government’s pre-Christmas bonuses are being blamed.

Figures released by the Victorian Commission for Gambling Regulation show just over $248m was put through gaming machines in December last year.

That is a $24m increase on the previous month’s expenditure, and $29m more than December 2007.

Anti-pokies campaigner Tim Costello says there is “no question” the massive increase is a result of the Federal Government’s December cash injection to pensioners, carers and low-income families.

All those eligible were given a one-off $1000 payment in a government attempt to stimulate the economy.

“We know how these things work … and rather than going into people’s pockets, there’s a direct causal connection with obscenely rich figures going into the pockets of gaming companies and boosts such as the Government’s grant,” Mr Costello said.

He said it was a “badly missed opportunity on creating jobs” and the same thing happened when the baby bonus was introduced. [AAP]

Let’s not forget what the Aboriginals did with the bonus money as well:

A Northern Territory politician says alcoholics and vulnerable sections of the population are using the Federal Government’s economic stimulus cash hand-outs to binge drink.

Country Liberal Party Member for Katherine, Willem Westra Van Holthe, says in the past two Friday nights, 210 people were taken into custody in Katherine for being drunk – double the average.

The former police officer says the Commonwealth hand-outs are pushing police resources in Katherine to the limit.

“I do get a chance to get out and talk to my former police colleagues, and they have in fact asked some of these people they’ve been locking up, ‘where did you get the money from?’,” he said.

“And the answer has been ‘oh, we got that government money’.

“This has just been an easy fix that has unfortunately just gone awry in place like Katherine.”  [ABC]

Or better yet how the brothel industry is flourishing:

It is pretty clear that the government’s bonus did stimulate business, just not the type of business people expected to be stimulated in this economic down turn, the gambling, booze, and sex industries.  I am not surprised in the least because this same type of waste of money has been going on for years with the baby bonus.  Another cash give away with good intentions that has been abused so much that it is even called the “Plasma Bonus” by the Australia media because that is what many people use the baby bonus for.

It didn’t work in Australia and the prior hand out last year in America by the Bush administration didn’t work either yet in America at least an even bigger cash hand out is being planned by the new Obama administration.  This is going to be great news for the gambling, booze, and sex industries in America as well.