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Lost Youths Found Outside of Lorne

The two young men missing in the bush outside of Lorne have been found:

Harry Wild and Ryan Hurley spent three days and nights lost in rugged bush after their plan to sneak into Lorne’s Falls Festival went horribly wrong.

The teens tell their story to Gareth Trickey.

“The plan to sneak into the Falls Festival came up around Christmas.

“We’ve been mates for about four years and we’d tried to get a ticket – but they were all gone or cost about $500, and we didn’t have that sort of money.

“All our mates had tickets, so we thought if none of us were going to be able to get tickets then we’d sneak in together.

“There were about six other mates with us who jumped out of the car further up the track (Mount Sabine Rd) and managed to get into the festival, but we got separated.

“We jumped out of the car way too early, so we were quite a fair way from the Falls and we didn’t know how to get in from this entrance.

“About 2.30pm on Monday we bolted down to this creek bed and found the road that leads into Falls and we thought we were sweet.

“But then we got on the phone to a mate.

“He said there was this shortcut. We walked along this four-wheel-drive track for about an hour or so but it kept on bending away from Falls, so we decided to get off the track at about 4pm.

“This was the point when we started to get lost. [Herald-Sun]

Here are some pictures of their rescue from The Age:

Ryan Hurley thanks police for his rescue.
Harry Wild hugs his Mom after his rescue.

As I suspected they both got lost by going off the trail.¬† The bush in the Otway Ranges is way to thick to be going off the trail without a compass or preferably a GPS of some kind. However, these guys weren’t prepared to go out in the bush and were only thinking of sneaking into the concert.

Thankfully these two got found, but I wonder if search and rescue will require them to pay the cost of their services since it was their own poor judgment that got them lost in the first place?

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