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Victorian Teenage Skinhead Killed By Police

What a senseless tragedy:

HE was all goofy smile and daggy hair, the cheeky kid with the two thumbs up and an air of mischief.

Somewhere between the retro sweater and a new skinhead crop, Tyler Cassidy turned from the “gentle” boy in his family photo to a rum-drinking, card-carrying white supremacist.

By the time he faced off with police in a Melbourne skate park on Thursday night he was an angry “Southern Cross Soldier”, known for his temper and random acts of violence.

He dared police to kill him before he killed them, The Daily Telegraph reports.

Within just four months of falling in with neo-Nazis and criminals, Tyler was dead. At only 15.

He was shot and killed when three police officers opened fire after Tyler threatened to kill them with two knives he had earlier stolen from Kmart.  [Daily Telegraph]

Read the rest of the article but this kid was obviously troubled and it is hard to say if the police should have shot him or not.  I would not be surprised if this kid was high on drugs when he attacked the police officers with the knife.

Anyway I do have to say out of all my time in Melbourne I have yet to see a Nazi skinhead.  As this story shows they are out there but I don’t think these guys are a widespread problem.