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Son Plays Sport After Raping Mother

This is pretty hideous:

A MAN had sex with his wheelchair-bound mother because no other women wanted him, a court has been told.

The 26-year-old man asked his mother “why don’t women want me” as they watched a movie at their Darwin home in September this year, the Northern Territory Supreme Court was told.
The man, who moved from Western Australia to Darwin last year, allegedly told his mother: “I can’t get no women here,” the Northern Territory News reported.

Prosecutor Paul Usher said the mother reassured him: “You’ll find the right one”.
But Mr Usher said the son pulled the mother’s “knickers down with one hand” and took a condom out of his wallet, and had sex with his mother on the futon she had been lying on.
Mr Usher said the son had sex again with his mother later, and afterwards she managed to get into her wheelchair to get to her bedroom.  [The Northern Territory News]

The mother would later contact authorities who arrested the son.  Incredibly this was the son said he was doing to make amends for what happened:

She said he felt “incredibly ashamed” about what had happened and had been “reading the Bible and doing as much sport as he can”.

Leave it to this guy to think that playing sport will make his mother feel any better about being raped.  What a loser.

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