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Python Tries to Swallow Entire Wallaby

Check out this picture on an Australian python trying to swallow an entire wallaby:

A PYTHON has been filmed trying and failing to swallow whole what looks like a wallaby.  In the video taken by Tanja Stark and posted on,  people at James Cook University can be heard squealing as the python clamps its jaws around the creature and begins to swallow.  But the snake seems to realise it is biting off more than it can chew and is forced to back away and regurgitate the upper half of the animal’s body.

Andrew Krockenberger, associate professor at James Cook University, said he ran out to watch the attack with some students after being alerted by a co-worker.

“Our lab co-ordinator came in from the car park and told us there was a python trying to eat a wallaby – so we all went out to have a look,” he said.

“While seeing sakes and wallabies isn’t unusual, it was very unusual to see a snake trying to eat a wallaby on the side of a road.”

Prof Krockenberger said the python made several attempts to consume the wallaby before the incident was caught on camera.

“It was a very small python and it gave up after a while. It had a good try but it was a little over ambitious,” he said.

“I don’t know whether it would have managed to swallow the wallaby if there hadn’t had been so many people watching. I think it got a little spooked.  []

Video of the snake trying to eat the wallaby is available at the link as well.  The python is actually pretty small compared to other ones I have seen in Australia, but it still came pretty close to being able to swallow that entire wallaby.  Pretty incredible.