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Game Continues After Rugby Player Dies in Queensland

I am a huge sports fan myself, but this is just wrong:

The family of a father-of-four who collapsed and died at a rugby league carnival is outraged that play was allowed to go on despite the tragedy.

Front-row forward Fred Lemson, 40, collapsed of a massive heart attack as he walked off at half-time during the Queensland Rugby League-sanctioned All Blacks Carnival in Townsville last Saturday.

“Why didn’t they call it off?” his grieving brother Darren Lemson said yesterday.

“This was not a broken leg. Somebody died on that field. But they just didn’t give a damn.”

Organisers held a minute’s silence before allowing play to go on.

The All Blacks Carnival is one of the biggest on the indigenous sporting calendar. It involves about 400 mostly indigenous players from 16 teams across north Australia.

The popular Townsville Correctional Services officer will be farewelled at a funeral on Monday.  [The Courier-Mail]

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