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Are These the Worst Australian Tourism Commercials Yet?

This has to be one of the worst tourism commercials I have ever seen:

This next one is just as bad:

These two advertisements are to be released in 22 countries in conjunction with the premier of the Australia movie starring Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman. The movie along with the drop in the Australian dollar may increase tourism if the worldwide financial meltdown stabilizes, however I seriously doubt these two commercials will do anything to increase tourism.

Who is going to come to Australia to go check out dirt? Where is Sydney Harbor, the Opera House, Gold Coast , Ayers Rock, Whitsundays, the Great Barrier Reef, or heck even a kangaroo in these commercials which is what tourists coming to Australia want to see?

The “Where the Bloody Hell Are You” campaign had its critics but of the use of the word “bloody”, but at least it showed the highlights of what foreigners come to Australia to see:

I’m not the only one critical of the new Australian tourism campaign either as Andrew Bolt as well has plenty to say about these horrible commercials:

How marvellously that will play to the kind of privileged professionals who salve their monied conscience by buying Wilderness Society calendars for their en suite and carrying their French brie home in green bags.

But I’m looking at these ads as an ever-eager tourist and wondering, what would my kids be doing while I bathed in spirituality?

Where would we shop afterwards? Where would we stay? How much time and money would it take to actually get to these distant places? And what would we do the next day?

Oops. Did I just break wind in church? But you see, there’s a reason why just 150 foreign tourists a day visit Katherine Gorge, many of them backpackers with skinny wallets not worth fighting over.

And there’s a reason you’ll find tens of thousands at places where there’s plenty to see, lots to do and enough Australians around to make them feel welcome. Like reef cruises. Wildlife parks. Big cities. Stuff for the kids.

Most tourists are, after all, more pragmatic than religious, and want to fill their too-few days of vacation with fun and value, rather than ommmms and clapping sticks, with a long and dusty trek afterwards to the airport. [Andrew Bolt]

Make sure to read the whole thing because Bolt makes some good points. Something else I agree with Bolt on is that here is the best Australian tourism campaign ever: