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Wedding Ring from Missing Brisbane Man Found in Crocodile

Here is another one of those stories you usually only hear about coming from Australia:

A WEDDING ring is believed to have been found in the stomach of one of the crocodiles suspected of taking Brisbane Vietnam veteran Arthur Booker.

ABC Television reported that X-rays showed a wedding band inside the larger of two crocodiles captured last week in the Endeavour River, Cooktown, as part of the search for Mr Booker, The Courier-Mail reports.

Three crocodiles were captured last week and taken to Cairns for X-rays – a 4.3m animal weighing about half a tonne and crocodiles 3.5m and 2.6m long.

Examinations cleared one crocodile of involvement in Mr Booker’s disappearance, but x-rays were conducted on the remaining two reptiles.

Mr Booker, a Vietnam Veteran, went missing two weeks ago when he went to check a crab pot in the Endeavour River near Cooktown, far north Queensland.

Crocodile slide marks, Mr Booker’s watch and footwear were found nearby.  [Courier-Mail]

Some of you may be wondering how the crocodile could have eaten Mr. Booker if he was in his boat.  This Israeli tourist can tell you quite easily how this is possible:

Likewise I have seen the power of these crocodiles for myself in the Northern Territory.  These crocodiles can jump high up out of the water in order to eat birds sitting on lowing lying limbs or worse people leaving their extremities hanging out of boats:

Some of these crocodiles can literally jump out of the water with their entire bodies:

These are animals that definitely need to be respected which means when in crocodile territory I always keep my extremities in the boat and always have at least one person in the boat on look out for crocodiles.

The news that Mr. Booker may have been eaten by a crocodile is truly tragic for the family and friends involved, but remember crocodile attacks are preventable if you give these wild animals the proper respect and caution they deserve.

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